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All our gates are manufactured right here in Palmerston North to suit your own specific requirements. Made from durable mild steel we hot dip galvanise all our gates to protect them from elements, and powdercoating offers a wide range of colours that can be matched to aluminium joinery, or roof colours to continue the colour flow on your property.

All our gates are measured on site by skilled tradesmen with years of experience, once your style of gate has been chosen they are manufactured by experienced tradesmen, and then to complete the job we professionally install all our gates at no extra charge (conditions apply). If steel posts are required these can be manufactured and installed to suit the chosen style gates and again are of a high quality standard. Our commitment to quality, service, and reliability is second to none and we guarantee your personal satisfaction.

All gates can be automated either at the start of the project or after the gates have been installed. If you are thinking automation please talk to us prior to doing any columns, posts, concrete work, or sealing works on the driveway as electrical wiring needs to be installed prior to these works being completed and needs to be done by a qualified and experienced electrician with knowledge in automation gate systems. We have a number of options available so please feel free to contact us to discuss the best option for you.

With the gate market being flooded with cheap imported gates C&R Engineering Ltd is committed to providing top quality, locally made products that will stand the teat of time. Some of our competitors offer "pre-made" sizes and styles that are more than likely imported and being passed off as New Zealand made. These are gates brought in by the container load to cut costs. Save yourself the hassle and contact us first to get the gate you really want!

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