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Kiwi Rail Platforms Project

Colspec Construction won this contract and C&R Engineering Ltd was the successful tenderer for the structural steel and metal work sections of this project.

Existing concrete platforms were cut out to create space for the new steel platforms and to form the new refuelling platforms required for the new style of locomotive. C&R Engineering manufactured and fully hot dip galvanised the platform components and with Webforge manufacturing the web grate and treads to suit the task was relatively simple in the end.

This was a lengthy but enjoyable project to be involved in. Changes had to be made throughout the project to ensure the platforms were safe as well as functional and in achieving this Kiwi Rail got the platforms they so desperately needed.

Check out the photos of the finished product, and if you require any further information, or think we could be of service to you on a similar project please do not hesitate to contact us.